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EmailChecky is a complete solution for analyzing an email and maximizing its performance. A free test analyzes the technical part and the content part of the email, and then lists all the errors and suggestions for improvement.

Our goal is to ensure that more legitimate and useful emails arrive at the recipients' email boxes. At the same time, we must point out that we do not want our tool to be used by spammers or dubious email senders and that we do not endorse their machinations!

EmailChecky was developed by people, including Vitali Lutz, the operator of NewsletterMarketer, who have been dealing with email marketing for years and have always wanted a complete solution to check the email and the outgoing mail server for a variety of possible errors – that's why EmailChecky exists!

It doesn't matter if you create and sell your own digital products like eBooks or if you make money as an affiliate, by checking emails for errors before you send them, you increase the deliverability and revenue!

EmailChecky offers the following:

  • DKIM, SPF and DMARC Validation – sending an email today that is not protected by effective email authentication methods is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an email sender. EmailChecky does this job in seconds and checks whether the email server is technically ready for bulk mailing.
  • Spam Check – many emails are sent without the senders even knowing whether the email is safe against spam filters. A single word can greatly increase the risk that the email ends up in the spam folder or does not reach the recipient at all. The integrated spam check by EmailChecky tests the email and calculates a spam score that you can use to orient yourself in order to minimize the risk of spam. 
  • Content Analysis – often the technical part is not the real problem when sending emails, but it is the content part. The email must finally convince by the content, only in this way the email can be used purposefully. EmailChecky can help by thoroughly analyzing the content of the email and pointing out possible errors.

EmailChecky is a small Swedish pocket knife that bundles all the essential tools to maximize the performance of an email. It is also free and very easy to use.