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What is EmailChecky?

EmailChecky is a free tool to maximize the performance of emails. It has integrated numerous functions to analyze the technical and content part of the email. Simply send your email to the email address above and you can immediately see the result online with suggestions for improvement and tips.

Among other things, a DKIM, SPF, DMARC validation and spam-check are in place to ensure that the email is ready for mass mailing. Furthermore, the content of the email is analyzed and, in addition, the email is checked for typical email errors in order to improve the delivery and opening rates.

Improve Email Deliverability

Even a small measure can significantly improve the deliverability of an email campaign. EmailChecky helps identify the most common email errors that degrade deliverability and provides instructions to fix the errors and effectively improve the deliverability.

Improve Email Opening Rate

A higher opening rate leads directly to more revenue as more readers open the email and interact with the content. In order to achieve this EmailChecky provides suggestions and tips for improvement. Among other things, an examination of the subject is integrated for this purpose.

Improve Email Interaction

To improve the reader interaction with the email, EmailChecky analyzes, among other things, the content of the email and displays a rating for the text. In addition, other best practices flow into the rating calculation.

Check Spam Score

The great strength of EmailChecky is the numerous anti-spam features that minimize the risk that the email gets stuck in spam filters or ends up in the spam folder after delivery. Many factors play a role, which are taken into account by EmailChecky.

Find Broken Links

Nothing is worse than broken links in the email. Broken links in the email not only annoy the readers, but also you lose money with a marketing email. EmailChecky checks all links in the email and reports those who do not lead to a functioning website.

Find Typical Email Errors

Emails often contain typical mistakes that you do not immediately see, even if you're a professional. EmailChecky knows these errors and not only points to them, but also gives instructions and tips on how to fix them.

Online Email Preview

EmailChecky has integrated a convenient and very useful email preview. You can see directly online how the email will look like in the recipient's mailbox later. In this way, one can ensure that the email has been properly created and formatted before sending it. The preview shows the text as well as the HTML content of the email.

Developed by Email Professionals

EmailChecky was developed by email experts and is aimed at anyone who practices email marketing. One of the developers is the operator of NewsletterMarketer – E-Mail Marketing Tips and Solutions, a German website about professional email marketing. Valuable knowledge flows directly into the development of EmailChecky.

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